Image of GAP Team member Vaishnavi Viswanathan

Vaishnavi Viswanathan

GAP Lead – Coaching

Vaishnavi is Leadership skills facilitator for over 15 years in the corporate world and a Life coach for over 5 years. Her forte has been to holistically use a combination of Psychology, Spirituality, Nature, Ancient wisdom and Expressive Art therapy tools to bring out the best in people during Coaching and/or Facilitation. She has conducted over 2500 Behavioural skills workshops in the Corporate covering more than 20,000 participants and has over 300+ hours of Coaching experience. Being an animal and tree communicator, she also conducts Nature connection sessions in Corporate Leadership workshops and in city parks for individuals and children. This helps people to come out and bond with nature, joyously and harmoniously, and end up connecting within themselves and with others more compassionately.

Vaishnavi has always been

very interested in building community harmony and has volunteered or led several community-based activities since her college days. She is also currently the President of the local waste management committee. As the Lead Coach in GAP, she is passionate to connect the potential of the Coaching community for the benefit of the Changemakers and their initiative. She envisions to see every coaching engagement - Leadership or Planning sessions to be highly impactful in the outcome of the Changemakers’ initiative.

She has graduated in Psychology major and has done her MBA in HR from NMIMS, Mumbai is a practical Philosophy student since 2016 and has several certifications in psychometric instruments and tools for self-discovery. She loves indie dogs, making coffee and chocolate, dabble in creative arts, eating, traveling, movies and yoga.