K.V Anand

CX Architect

KV Anand is an established Customer Experience (CX) Architect, Business Consultant, Culture champion, Coach, and Mentor. He is an influencer and keynote speaker at CX events.

 He has diverse experience in Customer Experience, Operational Finance, Logistics, IT, Subscriber Marketing, Organisation Design, and Development. During his 25 years of corporate life, with his coaching style of leadership, he has created and nurtured high performance, winning teams.

He is a

strong believer in connecting enterprise resources, leveraging technology and creating sustainable results. Anand is a Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) by education and a Coach at heart. He is an active Business Coach for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are growing fast.

He serves on the Advisory Board of organizations and mentors couple of start-up Founder CEOs. As a Consultant, he is helping organizations with Digital Transformation, designing and implementing new Sales channels and Omni Channel CX.