Ajaya Mohapatra

Social Entrepreneur



"Plenty of ideas, plenty of people and plenty of action were the descriptors of the space that Ajaya was in, pre-GAP. From outside it looked cluttered as Ajaya with all his domain skills had passionately and relentlessly been in the development space for 10 years.

The *Inner Journey* encounter in Ahmedabad made all the difference in terms of squarely defining Ajaya life's purpose. Once this 'ah ha moment' was gotten through, coaching became easy. Ajaya and his senior team went through the 3 stages of group coaching, consisting of disciplined people, disciplined thought and disciplined action. This followed by reorganising 'right person right seat' and re-strategising action through newly empowered seniors in Justrojgar. These few rudimentary steps gave Ajaya enough time to focus on crucial networks he had developed while in GAP Ahmedabad and convert these into organisational gain. Hungry, quick to grasp and sharp in implementation made Ajaya a great trusting partner in coaching. At this inflection point in his social entrepreneurial journey, this is just the beginning. Much more is yet to come, with new challenges and new opportunities lying ahead."
- Anand David


We the People Group is a social enterprise providing livelihoods promotion services to the lower income groups emphasising on women, youth & farmers through institutional development services, financial inclusion services & business development services. We believe that ‘Income is Development". We the People strives to address the challenge of persistent poverty by creating income opportunities for the poor & by enabling them to earn a stable income.

We the People achieves its goal through its two entities– We the People, is an NGO registered as a society and Justrojgar India Pvt. Ltd, a for-profit company. Our Vision is to facilitate Million Rojgar (Jobs/ livelihoods) for the people at the Bottom of the Pyramid by 2025. Our Mission is promotion of sustainable livelihoods and inclusive employability at the bottom-up of the pyramid through institutional, financial

and business development services and technology support. We the People in partnership with government, corporates, financial institutions and civil society organisations promotes sustainable livelihoods, financial inclusion, skill building and development of ecosystem in rural and urban India. We the People executes projects in partnership with the above institutions and also offers consultancy services.

+ How GAP helped me so far in my vision?

“GAP helped me by giving me a platform to meet and interact with likeminded individuals, visionaries, and legends in their respective sphere of work. Their collective ideas, opinions, insights inspired me to develop a fresh perspective to the work that I was doing and empowered me chase my dreams in a much more robust manner. There are times when we give up when things do not go according to the expectations, but with the inspiration of the true stories of the people who I interacted and derived at GAP event will not let me give up”.

+ How did the GAP Coaching help me?

My coach Mr. Anand David has been a friend, philosopher and a guide from the start of the journey of my interaction with him so far. He helped me chart out a vision plan to for my organisation that I have been following during my course of everyday work and have also shared it with my colleagues at work. My interactions with him are pretty frequent and I keep updating him of my progress and achievements.

+ How would I like to support others?

With the support I derived and life lessons that I learnt at GAP, I intend to pass on the wisdom and knowledge gained amongst other individuals and professionals in the development sector and will look forward to inspire people around me. I will give back whatever support GAP requires me to. With utmost humility, I will choose to give up certain immaterial things in life and stay deep rooted to the cause I am committed to. In the words of the great Mahatma ‘Be the change, you want to see in the world’ I will ensure I will live to be the change’.

Last year, we impacted 330 children in low income, marginalized and vulnerable environments. We saw over 30% improvements in emotional and social skills – this was measured using an assessment tool that we developed using behavioural indicators and proficiency scales.

That includes online and mobile based employment exchange viz., and e-learning skill development platform viz. aligned with on-the-ground skill centres viz. Rojgar Academies.