Anupama Kalgudi

Dharma Endeavours
Social Entrepreneur
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"At the outset, thank you for giving me an opportunity to coach Anupama. It has been a pleasure mainly because of:

  • the childlike enthusiasm she brings to each session
  • the ability to open up entirely
  • Coming with specifics when we decide on a session
  • Accepting me as I am

  • Anu's ability to detach herself while analysing scenarios has also helped her with her shifts. Her keenness in picking up nuances makes her an amazing coachee to have."
    - Rashmi Shetty


    Dharma Endeavours is a for-profit social enterprise working towards its vision of leveraging revenue from tourism to fund community development and culture conservation at Hampi, a World Heritage Site in the state of Karnataka, India.

    In essence, three main pillars make up Dharma’s work: social development, culture conservation and revenue generation.

    Tying together the revenue generation streams and culture conservation initiatives will be a cultural centre in Hampi that taps into five sources of revenue: rooms for rent to visitors, traditional food, handicrafts, customised experiences and cultural programs.

    Tying together the social development activities, a significant percentage of the net profits will be used to develop a village in Hampi and its surrounding areas into a model for change.

    Incorporated in March of 2016, Dharma has been actively operational for 6 months.

    + We are actively pursuing the following revenue sources:

    • Accommodations for visitors in traditional Hampi homes
    • Customised experiences for visitors to Hampi

    + In social development, the following initiatives are currently being launched:

    Education: working with a team of 3 to launch a teacher training and development program for teachers of the school of Kaddirampura,

    Farmers co-operative: through Dharma’s efforts, it has been possible to tie up with a resort in the area for farmers to sell their organic produce. Talks are now in the pipeline for us to create a co-operative, begin training programs and to further link to other markets. We have tied up with a local non-profit organization in order to enable this.

    + GAP’s coaching has worked in the following areas:

    • To provide necessary insights from experienced professionals to build my skills as an entrepreneur
    • To provide strategy-level thinking to manoeuvre the project in the right direction
    • To provide necessary connections and networking opportunities

    Above and beyond this, the greatest benefit of GAP is in knowing that there is support from an organization of repute that is working in the best interests of the changemaker. It provides access to individuals of great experience, whose kindness and willingness to give their time to further the interests of the changemaker is sometimes the key factor in creating impact. I am sincerely happy and grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization.

    They take a lot of care to give individual attention to each changemaker, to understand your interests, your aspirations and your actual action plan, so that your dream becomes a reality.

    I mean it sincerely Manisha, when I say that I am grateful for GAP and its support. I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Rashmi, Sunil, Nishwath and Lijo for all that you have done.