Global Action on Poverty builds and supports changemaking communities to eradicate poverty.

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GAP Funds is a program designed to create a gamut of fund-raising and financial options for Changemakers and to enable easy access for their organisation’s growth.

Funds are a key resource requirement in a Changemaker’s journey to grow and scale and widen the impact. The amount and type of funds required by a Changemaker varies depending on the type of organization and its stage of growth.

How does GAP Funds support a Changemaker?

  • We work with Changemakers to understand their funding requirements
  • We offer a range of fundraising and financial options through our funding partners
  • We support Changemakers in understanding funding processes and getting them ready for funding. We then connect them to our Funding Partners based on their funding criteria.

How to Be a Great Fundraising Organization?

GAP Funds partners:

As a GAP Funds Partner, you can support Changemakers at critical stages of their initiatives to have greater impact by providing their most key resource requirement- funding. Here are some of our GAP Funds partners.

Villgro - an early stage incubator that helps build impactful, scalable businesses. Villgro inspires, mentors, funds and supports early stage, innovation‐based for‐profit social enterprises that have an impact on the lives of the poor in India.

BitGiving - a crowdfunding platform that enables artists, engineers, and creators of all kinds to come together in a bid to raise funds online and share their stories.

Fuel A Dream - a crowdfunding platform and marketplace for individuals and organizations that are looking to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities, events and community led activities.

Samhita is a social enterprise that collaborates with companies to develop impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.Samhita GoodCSR aims to revolutionize the way social sector projects are executed by connecting companies and NGOs on an efficient marketplace to help build meaningful partnerships.
If you are a funding organisation and would like to support Changemakers, please email us at