Global Action on Poverty builds and supports changemaking communities to eradicate poverty.

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Funds are an important requirement for the existence and the success of a Changemaker’s initiative. The Changemaker relies on a variety of sources for funding his initiative. The amount and nature of funds, required by the Changemaker, depends on the type of his organization and its stage of growth.

The GAP Funds program offers a wide range of fundraising options for the Changemakers.

This program is designed to help the Changemakers by providing various funding opportunities and continuous support through the Funding Partners.

Our Funding Partners from different spheres such as Academia, Corporates, Foundations / Charities, Impact Investors, Governments and others have joined hands with GAP to make poverty history.

How does the GAP Funds program support a Changemaker?

  • We work with the Changemakers to understand their funding requirements;
  • We offer a range of fundraising options through our Funding Partners;
  • We support the Changemakers to understand and comply with the various funding requirements to make them fund – ready;
  • We connect the Changemakers to our wide network of Funding Partners basis their funding needs.

How to Be a Great Fundraising Organization?

GAP Funds Partners:

As a GAP Funds Partner, you can support the Changemakers in the critical stages of their initiatives, by meeting their most critical funding requirement:

Villgro - an early stage incubator that helps build impactful, scalable businesses. Villgro inspires, mentors, funds and supports early stage, innovation‐based for‐profit social enterprises that have an impact on the lives of the poor in India.

BitGiving - a crowdfunding platform that enables artists, engineers, and creators of all kinds to come together in a bid to raise funds online and share their stories.

iPartner India is committed towards building an ecosystem for inclusive and diverse social development in the country. We place ourselves at the core of this ecosystem. Currently, we work across the key challenges of vulnerable children, education, women & livelihoods, climate change and health. We do this by connecting a range of inspiring initiatives, visionary local leaders, innovative grassroots organizations and high impact projects to our inspiring donors.

Manford (Management Foundation for Organisational Research and Development) partners with organizations to achieve corporate breakthroughs that directly impact their top and bottom-lines. Established in 1993, Manford’s core competence is in performance and enterprise behaviour. It has worked with over 185 private and government organisations across 82 countries worldwide.

Fuel A Dream - a crowdfunding platform and marketplace for individuals and organizations that are looking to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities, events and community led activities.

Samhita is a social enterprise that collaborates with companies to develop impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.Samhita GoodCSR aims to revolutionize the way social sector projects are executed by connecting companies and NGOs on an efficient marketplace to help build meaningful partnerships.

Ketto, founded in 2012 by Varun, Kunal and Zaheer, is a social impact organization engaged in the business of crowdfunding, a simple practice where lots of people contribute small sums of money in order to achieve a common goal. Working with over 5000 NGO’s and having raised over INR 100 Cr. in the last 5 years, Ketto is now the largest platform of its kind in Asia by the traffic and amount raised on our platform. The objective of Ketto was to work very closely with the non-profits and within the development space and to help bring down the cost of fund raising, therefore, more can be passed on to the beneficiaries.

With more than 3500 members from Boston to Bangalore, SVP is the world’s largest network of engaged donors. SVP has adopted the mission of 1 million jobs and 1000 philanthropists by 2020.
If you are a funding organisation and would like to support Changemakers, please email us at please email us at