Global Action on Poverty builds and supports changemaking communities to eradicate poverty.

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Our GAP Learn program enhances the Changemaker’s knowledge by providing them training support in different areas that will empower them and make their initiative successful.

GAP uses both online and offline modes of learning which gives the Changemakers the flexibility to access these resources and add value to your work.

To create a greater and a deeper impact on the society, a Changemaker needs access to a variety of knowledge resources particularly domain specific knowledge.

For instance, new techniques for rice cultivation using less water, using RTI as a tool for building awareness, current laws on child labour, and other domain areas.

The knowledge resources could also be larger areas of concern such as project effectiveness and management, human resources, organization development, communications, impact assessment and reporting.
The GAP Learn sessions will be delivered through:
  • Case studies
  • Trainings & Workshops
  • Online learning resources such as podcasts, webinars, blogs, research papers, interviews, discussion forums

Learning is a natural process for social Changemakers, since they are constantly faced with new challenges as they tirelessly work towards wiping out poverty, With an entrepreneurial mindset, Changemakers create a natural environment for learning by actively sharing questions and feedback. The GAP Learn sessions will enable you to access new and critical learning, think, apply the learning and share it with other Changemakers.

GAP will partner with various individual and organizational experts, to act as knowledge partners and provide Changemakers with access to relevant knowledge.