Global Action on Poverty builds and supports changemaking communities to eradicate poverty.

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A Changemaker is one who wishes to end poverty, and is actually taking action towards achieving that goal. A Changemaker is:

  • Anyone, at any age, from anywhere in the world, who is committed to make a difference.
  • Able to articulate her/his vision towards eradication of poverty.
  • Willing to commit time and effort it takes in directing their vision to reality.
  • Self committed, willing to build a team, and lead efforts on site at the selected location.
  • A strong and non-negotiable commitment to ethical ways of achieving change

  • At GAP, there would be three categories of Changemakers:

  • Cat 1: Have identified a change idea and want to execute it.
  • Cat 2: Have initiated action on your idea and are looking to further the cause.
  • Cat 3: Have achieved impact and are on the path to scaling and growing the activity.

  • GAP will enable every Changemaker (CM) to transform herself/ himself, take their project or enterprise to an entirely new level by:

  • Being coached by a Professional Coach for a year.
  • Engaging individually with Mentors, who have put in about 3 decades of work in various aspects of poverty eradication.
  • Getting her/his project or enterprise vetted in considerable detail by peers and a Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • Augmenting their skill sets from the practical learning sessions arranged on scaling one’s idea, creating successful collaborations and engaging with government. The sessions will also elaborate on pitching for funds, building a proposal and creating marketing plans.
  • Learning from established NGOs like Grameen, SELCO, Pratham, SEWA who will be show-casing their journey to growth.

  • The CMs will also be able to meet like-minded people, forge lifetime friendships and form a support group.


    A Catalyst is an individual or a representative of an organization that is interested in engaging with Changemakers to provide them support and resources so that they can take their initiative to the next level and accelerate their impact. A Catalyst is essentially a ‘giver’ at GAP and:

  • Could collaborate with Changemakers by providing access to networks and resources, knowledge and expertise, and/or funds.
  • Would need to have been in the field for a significant time or is set up specifically to support Changemakers through their offering.

  • Catalysts maybe companies’ CSR executives, Impact Investment organizations, Foundations & Trusts, large NGOs, Government organizations or be Subject Matter Experts, Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs.

    At the GAP Event, the Catalysts would have an opportunity to:

  • Meet selected Changemakers who are committed, and support the Changemakers by providing advice on their projects, share their funding strategies and have collaborative conversations.
  • Engage with Mentors.
  • Share their organization’s visions and needs with a large group of individuals who can enroll or partner with them.


    A partner should add value to GAP and it’s Changemakers, and be aligned to the objective of eradication of poverty.
    In turn, GAP will provide value to partners such that GAPs activities/ offering would help fulfill some of the partner’s objectives be it directly / indirectly.

    Potential Areas of engagement for Partners are:

  • Learn – to help with courseware/ Video content /conducting the sessions or workshops - facility / faculty
  • Labs– space/faculty/student engagement/ Knowledge Bases/ Discussion Forums
  • Funding– for CMs’ projects and the various entities of GAP
  • Outreach– to expand GAP’s network, enrolling CMs/Catalysts/Coaches
  • Technology– to help build solutions
  • Event– Event manager/Travel/Hospitality/Translation (for Toll Free no also)/Venue
  • Venue – for Event, conducting Learn sessions, Hosting GAP Local chapters
  • Media - Coverage on TV/Radio/Print, help with PR


    A Mentor is a person who has spent significant time in the area of impact to human beings, in a manner that makes us want to emulate him or her, she or he inspires us, makes us look at him or her with awe and deep respect.

    A Mentor is typically passionate about his or her work, and is seen as someone who a common person will associate with doing “good work” in the space of poverty eradication.


    A professional Coach will work alongside each Changemaker to help them discover the answers they have within and will also provide some guidance and connect the CM to contacts within the GAP network and also their own.
    Most importantly, Coaches will work with CMs to unleash their potential and that of their project so that they can accelerate their impact and get more and more people out of poverty.
    Please find below the two venues where we will have the activities over the 4 days, 20th - 23rd Feb 2016.


    Gandhi Ashram
    Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya,
    Gujarat 380027


    Gujarat Vidyapeeth
    Ashram Road, near Income Tax Office,
    Gujarat 380014


    A: The Metropole Hotel, Near R.T.O Circle,
    Subhash Bridge Corner, Ahmedabad-380027, Gujarat
    Room Rates: Rs 3,500 for single and Rs 4,000 for double executive rooms + taxes
    Contact Person: Deepak Varunkar, GM
    M: +91 9909006292
    T: +91 7930130200

    A: Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380013, Gujarat
    Room Rates: Rs 3,500 for single and double occupancy deluxe rooms + taxes
    Contact Person: Sanjay Murari, Assistant Sales Manager
    T: +91 79 6165 6699
    F: +91 79 6604 3201
    M: +91 85111 966 20


    Here are a few options to choose from for your stay at Ahmedabad:

    1. Hostel/Dormitories: (Costing per bed is approximately 300-400 Rs per night)

    2. The stay would be at Gujarat Vidyapith/Safai Vidyalaya. The rooms would be on a twin sharing basis. You need to book on your own. There are about 40 bed spaces available at this point.

    You can also look for places near Asharm road - Income Tax Office, since that is where Gujarat Vidyapith is located.

    Any place you choose to stay needs to have access to Vidyapith, so that you can reach campus by 8.30 am and leave by 10.30 pm, since the days at the Event will be long.
    Please do make your bookings from 20th - 23rd Feb 2016. The event will commence at 9:00 am on 20th FEB and finish at 6:30 pm on 23rd FEB.

    Incase of any queries, write to:
    Nidhi Raj at
    Please do connect with the relevant people at the hotels to make your bookings and mention GAP 2016 Event for the discounted rates.


    Please write to: or
    Call GAP Hotline number: +91 973906 5104

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