Global Action on Poverty builds and supports changemaking communities to eradicate poverty.

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If yes, then you are in the right place.

GAP is looking for passionate individuals who we call Changemakers and are working on an initiative to eradicate poverty and create an impact on the ground.

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Are you a GAP Changemaker?

GAP Changemakers are individuals who are:

  • o Working on projects that eradicate poverty in their communities in the areas of Agriculture, Education, Livelihoods & Enterprise, Water, Sanitation Energy, Healthcare & Financial Inclusion.
  • Committed and passionate about the change that they want to create.
  • Engaged in their initiative or idea for a minimum of a year and are ready for further support.
  • Driven to make their initiative a success and are open to growing themselves, their team and their initiative.
  • Open to new perspectives and ideas and are ready to adopt new ways to increase their impact.
  • Deeply committed to the fact that poverty should be wiped out and are ready to work with others to make it happen.

What does GAP provide to a Changemaker?

GAP empowers Changemakers to create audacious visions and step up the impact they are having in their communities. Our development programs enhance the leadership capability of the Changemakers and our resource programs will give them access to solutions and people. Some of these programs will be offered to each Changemaker based on their readiness and others will be available to all. All of these programs will be curated and developed by GAP and delivered through their Partners comprising of Academic Institutions, NGOs, Foundations, Corporations, Impact Investors & Social Enterprises.

How will you benefit from these Programs?

Clarity of Purpose & Plan

Inspiration from Mentors & other Changemakers

Connections to various partners in the GAP community

Develop Strategies for Scaling

Development of Abilities & Knowledge

Pitch for Funding, Resources and Leadership Programs

Boost the growth of your Initiative & your Individual Leadership

Recognition of Impact

If you are interested in being a part of the GAP community, please register here with your details and someone from our team will reach out to you.

If you know a Changemaker, who could benefit from our services, please refer your friend here

There are no application fees for Changemakers and once they are selected, they become part of the GAP community and access the programs on the platform where some programs are complementary and some are charged for by our Partners.

If you would like to speak to someone at GAP about the application, contact Nidhi Raj on +91 88846 04881 or

GAP currently supports English & Hindi across its programs and to extract maximum benifit of GAP, Changemakers must be conversant with either of these Languages.

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