GAP Funds

It is a Partnership with Funding Organizations to create a pool of funds to provide high potential Changemakers grants, investments or loans to increase their impact. The responsibility of ownership of funds & its disbursement continue to lie with the individual Partner providing the Funding.

Periodically (once in 3 – 6 months) GAP will organize Funding Events along with the Funding Partners where qualified Changemakers will have opportunity to pitch to the GAP Funds Partners. The combined contributions of GAP and the GAP Funds Partners should help accelerate scaling of Changemaker's initiatives and their impact.
The Partners of GAP Funds commit a certain amount of Fund (to be given as Debt, Grant or against Equity) for the Changemakers of GAP. They will disburse it, subject to the Changemakers meeting their investment criterion. In turn GAP will periodically recommend qualified Changemakers to the GAP Fund Partners. GAP will also run training Programs to help Changemakers to develop credible business plans and funding proposals. Additionally the GAP Changemakers will continue to benefit from other support initiatives of GAP.