It is a Partnership with eminent Education & Research Institutions to provide space & resources for experiments & research to be conducted to find innovative solutions to Changemaker’s problems. The resources in GAP Labs will be in form of faculty, experts, students and volunteers to research and develop solutions.
Gap Labs is planned to be a network of connected Labs where each Lab will specialize around one or two Domains (e.g. Agriculture, Healthcare, Nutrition, Sanitation, Water, etc.) or a Business area.
The students or volunteers associated with the GAP Labs will also intern with various Changemakers, to help them improve their processes & deploy best practices in their areas, develop new business models, build innovations or help them adapt to the local conditions of the Changemakers.
The GAP Labs will proactively research on an ongoing basis the best practices and solutions developed globally, relevant to their chosen domain(s) Over a period of time; these would be documented as Knowledge Bases and accessible over Internet by the Changemakers. It is also envisaged that in due course, GAP Labs will run and support “Discussion Forum” for Changemakers. The Discussion Forums will allow Changemakers to raise queries on their issues / challenges and get quick expert advice.