Nawaz Pasha

Adarsha Community Development Service Centre
Social Activist
P: +91 90082 42362 / 87460 90910



"I set out as a coach for Pasha and met him on 6th April in Bangalore in his house. I was moved to see that his wife and many of his relatives are also visually impaired.

From the very beginning, I was very delighted with his ability to communicate, his clarity of thoughts and his ability to enroll people. His conviction and the power he packs when he speaks of his vision and dream. It was my fickle mindedness that I first saw him with disability, I recognized that he sees the world without disability and he made it so much easier for me to talk to him as equals."
- Gayatri Anandh


I was born in a poor family in a village near Dodballapur. I was born blind and at the age of 10 I was also impacted by polio. However these disabilities made me stronger to take on the challenges of the life. After completing SSLC, I started getting myself familiar with social sector by doing a 10 months Social work training from Sevasadan and decided to work for disabled people like me and help them to live a life of dignity.

In 1994, I started working in Dodballapur Taluq in the area of community development especially for disabled people. I also took part in Community based Rehabilitation (CBR) program. I completed CBR course in 1996 with CBR South Asia Network. I worked with various organizations in this field like Seva Sadan, Stet Alliance SPJ, Samaj Parivartan Jana, Association Navijyoti Services etc. I also worked for child rights and reproductive child health.

I was sponsored by CRY to do a state level fellowship with APD. I was awarded fellowship of Leaders Quest of US and am supported by Action Aid India for my work with physically challenged and Muslim women. I founded Adarsha Community development Service Centre in February 2011.

Adarsha works on a wide canvas. Its activities range from

  • Counselling people to dispute resolution
  • Providing free music classes
  • Promotion of a music troupe of blind people
  • Launching of "Abhivruddhi Munnota" a bridge between panchayats and people
  • Promoting women's education
  • Encouraging drop outs to return to school etc.
  • I want to provide people with disabilities especially in rural and remote areas, to have access to education and vocational skills so that they can live their life with dignity and I want to create awareness and sensitise people about the rights of people with disabilities. I want to create a dynamic network of people with disabilities and those who are supporting them.

    In February 2016, I was selected to attend GAP event at Gandhinagar . At GAP event I met a lot of people working in different areas of social change. I was able to make connection with many people who are ready to help people working in social area. I also was exposed to how to make presentation to the stakeholders.

    As part of the event, I was assigned a coach Ms Gayatri Anand, who helped me to clarify my focus areas. She helped me to set my goals. One of my goals was to start a hostel for the visually impaired girls from remote areas. I am pleased to announce that with my coach’s support, my dream is realised now. I have recently started a hostel with 15 girls. Now I want to take it forward and make it big so that more and more girls can benefit from this.