Vishnu Raghunathan

Social Entrepreneur



"Vishnu is a Coach's "dream client"…..He has...

Clarity on what he wanted from the Coaching Program: We were able to finalize his coaching objectives in one discussion and what's more interesting is that he has picked for himself very "self reflective" topics as coaching objectives which has a direct impact on the success of his business/project.
Prepares himself for every session: Knows exactly what he wants to discuss, would have worked on the action plan from the previous session and reflected on how it is working/not working.
Highly reflective & Self Aware: Is quite aware of some of his development needs and is very open to exploration and reflection and more importantly acknowledges the need to change some of his core beliefs which has come in the way of his being an effective leader.
Discipline and Commitment: Vishnu fixes the date and time for his next session at the end of every session and sticks to his commitment.Only once in the last 6 months has he requested a change."
- Ramesh Sreedharan


I am Vishnu, co founder of Lytyfy. Lytyfy is a clean energy investment platform and the idea of Lytyfy germinated during our stay in rural Bihar. Lack of basic energy services was a problem that me and my cofounder, Deepak faced during our stay in rural Bihar where we understood the need and impact of basic energy services. We wanted to do our best to address the issue and found out that solar energy was a viable proposition and decided to go ahead. Solar products, despite solving the needs of the customers did not have wide acceptance as they were perceived to be costly and high maintenance.

We realized that if one has to increase the adoption of solar energy products in rural areas then the focus has to be on the twin issues of end user financing and last mile service delivery. We have continued to focus on these two aspects in our venture.In 2015, we got an opportunity to be part of GAP. The platform of GAP helped us to get suggestions and valuable feedback from various other changemakers, catalysts on our idea which helped us in shaping our venture. We got to know about the journeys of various other founders and it gave us a good indication about what we were getting into.

As part of GAP 2016, Mr. Ramesh Sreedharan was assigned as a mentor. We have had regular discussions with him which focused on our personal understanding of various aspects related to an organization and its growth. It helped us in understanding the circumstances in a better way. It has helped us in overcoming our personal biases and prejudices which has led to effective handling of situations. We have channelized our energies better and a considerable impact can be seen on the overall performance of our organization. I would like to thank GAP family for their continuous support and encouragement in our endeavor.